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The Factory Kitchen occupies a slightly odd location, a tight room, the former loading dock of Three Star Fish, in an old manufacturing complex that has been converted into luxury lofts.

The floors are of cracked concrete, the massive pillars betray several layers of peeling paint, it is an industrial space, slightly awkward, almost willfully unchic, and the customers tend to be a few years older than the people who frequent nearby restaurants.

At the Factory Kitchen serve the unique Focaccia di Recco, you can get yours stuffed with ham or slicked with tomato sauce and strewn with cured anchovies, but the additions are almost beside the point.

The essence of the Factory Kitchen’s focaccia di Recco is all in its ethereal crunch.

The mandilli, a delicate handkerchief pasta, served as sheets crumpled over a pesto thickened with almonds instead of pine nuts is also what the restaurant is famous for.


Italy has had so much influence on the culinary world that years of history, culture and wisdom from our country have echoed through the ages, our lifestyle and culture are often copied and reinvented by many but achieved by few.

BRERA Ristorante is the natural evolution of Matteo Ferdinandi and Chef Angelo Auriana’s lifelong passion and dedication to the culinary heritage of the Italian people. Chef Angelo Auriana’s Family’s multiregional roots is the driving force behind his interpretation of traditional Italian cooking.

Chef Angelo execution is a celebration of gastronomic reinvention that balances tradition and innovation and portrays the history of the Italian people through their food.

BRERA Ristorante in Los Angeles was included in the prestigious 50 Top Italy as number 43° in the category “50 Best Italian Restaurant in the World” in their recent 2020-2021 award.

Experience one of the best Italian restaurants in Las Vegas at Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano.

Located in The Venetian’s Restaurant Row, Matteo’s Ristorante is a culinary journey through the Italian Peninsula, inspired by The Factory Kitchen in the Los Angeles arts district it interjects a new story into the Las Vegas dining scene.

The seasonally inspired menu features selections prepared by using fresh and locally sourced ingredients highlighting the simplicity of Italian cooking and a celebration of a gastronomic innovation of tradition and innovation.

It’s warm and contemporary settings, suggests and unforgettable and comfortable environment to experience a casual-refined atmosphere.

A multi-regional Italian Osteria by Chef Angelo Auriana & Matteo Ferdinandi located in Saint Mark Square at The Grand Canal Shoppe at The Venetian Resort, BRERA Osteria is a hybrid of an informal osteria with rather formal cooking in an elegant setting.

A concept influenced by the artsy-cool BRERA neighborhood in Milan Italy, it displays Chef Angelo’s personal culinary identity that emphasizes on the importance of the highest quality fresh ingredients and the use of cooking techniques that are meant to highlight their true flavors and presented in a minimalistic way.

The Cuisine represents the synthesis and the complexity of the cultural heritage of the Italian people through their traditional local recipes reimagined in Chef Angelo’s style that today defines his contribution to contemporary Italian Cuisine.