“We want to portray what our country is all about,”
Factory Place Hospitality Group Founder and CEO Matteo Ferdinandi
says of Italy and the food that FKHG creates.

Magnifico! Longtime friends Matteo Ferdinandi, CEO of The Factory Place Hospitality Group, and Chef Angelo Auriana have brought their authentic Italian restaurant The Factory Kitchen to The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip — The Factory Kitchen Las Vegas opened on Dec. 31, 2018.

The Factory Kitchen, which premiered in L.A. in October 2013 in the heart of downtown’s Arts District, is known for its delicious food, friendliness and approachability, and customers can expect the same for its first outpost outside Southern California.

The Factory Kitchen boasts the influence of Ferdinandi and Auriana’s Italian upbringing and the traditional family recipes that they brought with them to America.

Chef Auriana prepares classic Italian dishes using seasonal and always fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The approachable menu at The Factory Kitchen highlights the simplicity of traditional local recipes — recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation in Italian families.

Menu highlights at The Factory Kitchen, a modern Italian trattoria, include:

  • Casonzei: Egg pasta with veal and pork sausage, cured pork, brown butter and crispy sage
  • Peperu: Soft cheese-stuffed sweet and spicy peppers with grana padano and arugula oil
  • Focaccina Tradizionale: Focaccia bread with crescenza cheese, wild baby arugula and olive oil
  • Samremese: Marinated calamari salad with celery, heirloom cherry tomatoes and taggia olives
  • Prosciutto: Prosciutto di Parma aged 24 months served with lightly fried sage dough and stracciatella

Beverage Director and Sommelier Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi has curated a wine list that reflects Italy’s distinct regions. Italian wines will be prevalent at The Factory Kitchen, and additional wines from neighboring Western European countries and beyond also will be offered.

The friendly, high-energy bar features a program that highlights artisanal cocktails with texture, subtle acidity and simplicity. The Factory Kitchen Las Vegas will be open for lunch and dinner.

The Factory Kitchen Hospitality Group’s other restaurants are BRERA Ristorante and the adjacent sixth+mill pizzeria and bar, both also in Los Angeles.

The Factory Kitchen team is so excited to bring guests a new location. Please sign up for the newsletter to receive updates and opening announcements!

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BRERA Ristorante is a trattoria inspired by the Cucina Povera, typical of the countryside along the River Po’ Valley in Northern Italy. Business partners Angelo Auriana and Matteo Ferdinandi both grew up in this region and have fond memories of hearty meals shared with family and friends.

The menu at BRERA Ristorante displays Chef Auriana’s view on authentic Italian flavors while incorporating his professionalism, personality, experience and intuition into the dishes he creates. At BRERA Ristorante, Chef Auriana has taken traditional recipes from his heritage and made them accessible to guests combining contemporary techniques with traditions. Chef Auriana always makes sure to stay true to his Italian lineage by using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.


Sixth+Mill pizzeria and bar is a casual-dining restaurant from Chef Angelo Auriana and Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi. The restaurant joins the widely successful BRERA Ristorante and The Factory Kitchen, offering a dining destination celebrating the regions of Southern Italy.

The neighborhood pizzeria features hand-crafted pizzas, hard durum wheat pastas and a selection of shared small plates and dishes inspired by Chef Angelo’s childhood memories. Chef Angelo draws upon a few recipes from his father’s home cooking, such as the Pizza alla Montanara (a fried dough topped with a rich tomato sauce) and Scamorza (traditionally served during special family gatherings). The Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, a hearty dish from Campania, is a deep, simmering garlic-infused potato gnocchi with a bright tomato sauce topped with bubbling mozzarella and fresh basil.