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Future Concepts

Osteria Adriatica is inspired by the recipes found throughout the Italian Coast from the Venetian lagoon down to Sicily and up again to Liguria.

The Italian Peninsula being in the center of the Mediterranean Sea has always being rich of unique and local seafood driven recipes that Osteria Adriatica will feature hand sliced raw fish, oysters, crustaceans, starters, pasta & risottos, fin fish, whole fish and meats will be executed following the example of the simple osteria style food that is enjoyed by the locals throughout Coastal Italy.

Osteria Adriatica is particularly designed for coastal cities like Boston, NYC, Miami, Honolulu, etc

The earthy Italian classic interpreted by Chef Auriana in a relaxed and inviting setting are recognizable and the service aims to put people at ease and enjoy long forgotten flavors that re-awaken memories of travels and happy days with family and friends.

The cuisine of EMIE by Angelo Auriana focuses on create and capture the uniqueness and versatility of the authentic regional food of Italian families, keeping an eye on traditions and looking at today’s necessity of lightness, healthiness and simplicity.

Our interpretation of regional Italian cooking is a celebration of gastronomic reinvention that balances tradition and innovation with a constant attention towards quality, EMIE by Angelo Auriana warm-rustic settings and minimal design will suggest an unforgettable and comfortable environment to experience a casual-refined atmosphere that recreates the feel of an Italian country side restaurant and it is the platform to educate and share the culture and the life style of the Italian people dedication to food and wine.