Factory Place Hospitality Group was founded by Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi in March 2013. The Factory Kitchen was the group’s first restaurant, opening October 2013 in The Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.

Executive Chef and Business Partner Angelo Auriana joined Ferdinandi and his wife, Beverage Director and Partner Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi, in August 2013 right before the opening of The Factory Kitchen. The restaurant was such an immediate success that it prompted the team to open a second restaurant, BRERA Ristorante, which debuted in February 2016.

The partners’ aim, passion and responsibility is to create classic, local Italian recipes and unique concepts that reflect the territory and traditions of the Italian people. The atmosphere in all the restaurants is comfortable with knowledgeable, down-to-earth service.

Chef Auriana is one of the most acclaimed and influential chefs on the West Coast. Beyond his dazzling technical skills and unparalleled knowledge of Italian food, he understands proportion and contrast. He consistently provides some of the best Italian food in America, as critics in the U.S. and Italy have frequently noted through the years, among them Jonathan Gold in his Los Angeles Times’ BRERA Ristorante (formerly known as Officine BRERA) review in March 2016.

Ferdinandi’s natural talent for hospitality and his lifelong career of collaboration with some of the most prominent chefs and restaurant operators in the country are the foundations for his strong leadership and operational skills that drive Factory Place Hospitality Group.

While the three partners have different tasks in the company, they collectively strive for perfection in all aspects of the business, challenging one another and combining their collective talents into consistent operational excellence.

Factory Place Hospitality Group employees have unmatched talents driven by passion and strive for perfection in culinary arts and service. Ferdinandi is grateful for his team, saying, “We feel blessed by the variety of people who are part of our family, and we continue to provide them with a challenging and educational, yet fulfilling work environment.”

Factory Place Hospitality Group’s culinary venture sixth+mill pizzeria and bar opened in late summer 2018. The casual pizzeria and bar is inspired by the southern regions of Italy. Its focus is about the uniqueness and versatility of the authentic recipes, which include pizza, hard durum wheat pasta and other classics. Following sixth+mill pizzeria and bar’s opening, Factory Place Hospitality Group opened The Factory Kitchen Las Vegas at The Venetian on Dec. 31, 2018.

Partner and CEO

Partner and CEO Matteo Ferdinandi brings a wealth of fine-dining experience to his leadership at Factory Place Hospitality Group. The restaurateur insists on the authenticity of regional specialties in an era when competitors favor interpretations of true Italian dishes. FPHG serves Italian-heritage cuisine in Downtown L.A.’s Arts District at The Factory Kitchen, a trattoria-style eatery opened in 2013, and BRERA Ristorante (formerly known as Officine BRERA), the premiere destination for regional cucina povera (peasant cooking) presented in a grand setting that opened in 2016.

Ferdinandi asserts that while the service at The Factory Kitchen and BRERA Ristorante meets fine-dining standards, it focuses on providing a friendly, seamless and unobtrusive experience. “It all comes down to making people comfortable in terms of food, environment, pricing and a menu they can relate to,” he says. Speaking to his core hospitality philosophy, Ferdinandi explains, “We never say ‘no’ to the customer, and we accommodate the needs of every guest. We make things happen without guests ever noticing or feeling it.”

Ferdinandi’s introduction to the hospitality industry came at an early age helping at his family’s bakery and hotel in his native Chioggia, Italy, a fishing town south of Venice near the Po River Valley. Breaking with family tradition, however, Ferdinandi initially pursued a career in civil engineering, studying in Italy and spending summers in Great Britain to improve his English.

Eager to earn a little spending money, he took a job in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant in London, igniting a passion for cuisine that led to the conclusion of his nascent engineering career. Looking back, Ferdinandi acknowledges the benefit of entering the hospitality industry with a background in mathematics, design and engineering, which help him balance creative energies and financial realities in a disciplined manner.

Pursuing his lifelong dream of moving to the U.S., Ferdinandi arrived in Los Angeles in 1992. There he met his future wife, Francine — now an accomplished sommelier and partner in Factory Place Hospitality Group. With a desire to be a part of the gastronomy capital of the United States and inspired by the likes of Danny Meyer, Tom Colicchio and Lidia Bastianich, Ferdinandi and Francine moved to New York City and immersed themselves in the culinary landscape.

Up next, Ferdinandi joined Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, which resulted in his role opening and managing Spago Las Vegas before returning to Los Angeles to oversee CUT in nearby Beverly Hills as its opening general manager.

With Ferdinandi’s relocation back to Los Angeles, he reconnected with Chef Angelo Auriana, whom he had met in 1994. The partnering with Auriana, known for his work at Piero Selvaggio’s restaurant Valentino, motivated Ferdinandi to establish Factory Place Hospitality Group and launch The Factory Kitchen in 2013 with a mission to educate Angelenos on regional Northern Italian cuisine.
In his spare time, Ferdinandi enjoys going to the gym and hiking throughout his adopted city of Los Angeles.

C U L I N A R Y  D I R E C T O R  A N D  P A R T N E R

Chef Angelo Auriana was born in Bergamo, Italy, where at age 17 he graduated with honors from the prestigious San Pellegrino Hotel School. He began his formal training in his beloved hometown working with Pierangelo Cornaro, one of the most influential maestros of Auriana’s professional career. Shortly after, Auriana traveled to various regions in and the wine country of Italy, learning from highly regarded chefs as well as the tradition and authenticity of his homeland cuisine.

After a Florida vacation, Auriana made his way to California in 1985, where he helped with the opening of Piero Selvaggio’s contemporary Italian restaurant, Primi, then shortly after becoming executive chef of Valentino Ristorante during his tenure of nearly 18 years in Valentino’s kitchen.

Auriana has worked on developing his distinctive style he calls “cuisine of ingredients.” This style reflects an intense passion for choosing the best possible ingredients while maintaining each dish to unveil its individual flavors. At Valentino, Auriana came to love pairing his innovative food with wines from all over the world, creating a multiple-course experience.

Auriana relocated in 2003 to El Dorado County to open his renaissance-inspired Masque Ristorante. Nestled in the Tuscan piazza of La Borgata at Serrano in the Sierra Foothills, the restaurant’s casual yet sophisticated interior of natural stones, rich woods and Italian-inspired design creates a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

Local purveyors, organic products and specialty ingredients from all over the world have all inspired Auriana’s seasonal menu. His food reflects the simple approach of accentuating the natural flavor of the components and showcasing the freshness and texture of the ingredients while maintaining an authenticity to the Italian heritage. This straightforward and passionate approach gained the approval and support of the Sacramento community, placing the restaurant among the elite of the dining world.