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FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup has created some of Los Angeles and Las Vegas most acclaimed restaurants which offer outstanding culinary and warm hospitality.

Founded by CEO Matteo Ferdinandi and his Business Partners Chef Angelo Auriana, Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi & Senior General Partner Howard Klein with the opening of The Factory Kitchen in 2013 a landmark Italian restaurant in the hearth of Los Angeles’ Arts District.

Matteo Ferdinandi’s experience has spanned from New York City to Las Vegas and to Los Angeles where he ran the operations of some of the most prominent restaurants in the nation.

Born with a natural talent for service and leadership, Matteo affirms, that his most valuable time in his career was that spent with Mr. Joe Essa at Wolfgang Puck Fine Group (WPFG).

During those years, Matteo acquired a wealth of knowledge about restaurant finance and operations that along with his passion for mathematics resulted in building his strong foundations that paved the way to allow him to be who he is today.

Executive Chef and Business Partner Angelo Auriana has been known through the years for the high quality of his cooking that is associated with a contemporary and personal identity to traditional Italian cuisine which emphasizes the importance of fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

Chef Angelo enjoys searching for seasonal and exclusive ingredients through his lifelong established network of purveyors either locally or from abroad that give him the opportunity to limitless combination of flavors to translate his emotions into a menu that his fresh, vibrant and comforting to all senses.